GTA IV: Facts.

This will be updated every time a new facts are released.

*OPS-AUS  magazine.*

  •  “suburb upon suburb of randomly generated houses simply didn’t add anything worthwhile”
  •  People are reading newspapers, gesturing whilst talking on their mobile phones, people sitting on seats while talking and absent-mindly flicking dust off their jeans. “We really know we’re in Liberty City when we see an 80-year old granny staggering down the street as she takes swigs from a bottle of whiskey.”
  •  If a pedestrian bumps into Niko, he pushes them aside, Assassin Creed-like.
  •  You can feel the bass of passing cars, and hear the radio that they’re listening to when it goes past. Rockstar asked the magazine not to publish the name of the song, as no artists have been set in stone.
  •  Niko passes an ATM and it prompts him to “access funds”. It’s likely that if you die, you may lose all your money, so putting it in a bank when you get a substantial amount seems like a good idea. The magazine also hints at being able to bribe people and the possibility of being mugged.
  • As has been said, can travel from the road into a building with no load times. Manual aim has been upgraded considerably from SA, and is now much easier.
  •  Niko exits into a seedy back alley, where it is “populated by piles of litter, weeds and homeless guys huddling around fires in barrels.”
  •  As Niko ascends a telegraph pole, the animations are smooth. Also, at the top, the vertical density of the city can be fully realised. “The skyline is crowded with complex architecture, above-ground train-lines, fire escapes, endless billboards and the Broker Bridge in the distance.”
  • Niko breaks into an easy jog, showing realistic fluidity, leaning his body into corners as he takes them. A random passing car bumps into him and Niko stumbles backwards before regaining composure.
  • Niko smashes a car window, hot-wires the car and climbs in while glass clatters to the ground.
  • Broker has the real-life feeling of a bustling, lush new cityscape. Sunlight reflects off the car’s paintwork, and the shadows are beautifully realised. The back streets of Broker, however, are much different. They are “a grungy mixture of rundown factories, overflowing dumpsters and dank back alleys.”
  • o Driving physics have been “tirelessly tweaked and enhanced”
  •  Niko pulls up to a dock and gets out. Cement and gravel groundings feel and sound differently. You can see Algonquin Island (Manhattan) off in the distance as Niko pulls out his phone and requests someone to meet him. That’s where the demo ends.
  • From the outside, you can see through windows into houses. While it may sound like a “Big Whoop!”, staking out a house for a missions purpose could have its advantages.
  • The mobile phone feature has endless possibilities.
  • On the size of GTA IV: “Dan Houser: Well, area wise, the scope is about the same as San Andreas. I don’t know exactly how it compares area to area, but it’s bigger then any one city we’ve had in a game before.” Also, “If we give people exactly what they think the want then, a) we’re not doing a very interesting job any more and, b) we’re not going to amaze them.”
  •  Game play will match the visuals.
  •  OPS asked “Did you see GTAIV as a sequel to GTA III or GTA SA?” and the answer they got was “Neither.” It’s not a sequel, its a new version of some of the ideas in previous iterations.
  • OPS asked “In terms of weaponry and vehicles you had a pretty good spread in San Andreas,” to which Dan Houser replied “Yeah, I don’t think we will be adding vast numbers of things there.” They explain that its about honing in and tightening. “So, for example, with game in one city there are no longer planes because there’s nowhere to fly to. …you take planes to get here, and you don’t take planes to get across the city.”
  • Not everything unbelievable will be dropped.
  •  The idea of terrorism is in the game, but it’s not a focal point. It’s obvious that it’s a post 9/11 game. Just to stop people going on, Niko is definitely Eastern European, not Middle Eastern. There is no Ground Zero, mainly because a “massive area of flat concrete” isn’t all that exciting. Terrorism and the “War On Terror” are shown to be used as an excuse to limit freedoms.
  •  You cannot raze buildings, because say you raze the entire city, what then? What about missions?
  •  They never considered a first-person view
  •  American culture is just to ripe to be taken off at the moment to do an overseas game yet.
  • A big part of the game play will be on the rooftops, apparently. It should be very fun.
  • Also, as a side note, they haven’t really thought about San Andreas Stories, they are thinking of other things at the moment.

*Italian OPM magazine.*

  • During the demo, Niko was seen approaching a bus stop. When he reached it, an icon appeared on-screen that enabled him to control the bus schedule. Is it possible to use the bus service similar to how you can with trains?
  • When Niko pulls out a weapon, the camera positions itself above his shoulder, and a view-finder appears at the centre of the screen. It’s possible to lock a target and move laterally to avoid incoming shots.
  • Stealing a car can no longer be done simply by opening the door and driving off. Now it involves Niko approaching the car sneakily, breaking the glass with his elbow, using the injection cables to start the car, and only then can he use it.
  • Niko can freely climb wherever possible (telephone poles, fire escapes etc.)
  • Philip Glass, the author of the Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer music, will be involved in the production of GTA IV’s soundtrack.
  • The graphical improvements are clearly evident when walking over a grating on the sidewalk. You can see what is underneath it, and the light trickles realistically around the iron bars.

*Official Xbox Magazine in the UK.*

  • According to the magazine, GTA IV is currently 66% complete.
  • When Niko pulls out a pistol, a crosshair with a simple black cross within a circle shows up on the screen. This could be an indication of manual aiming being available in the game.
  • Rockstar’s humorous take on the number 69 makes an appearance yet again in GTA IV, the editors of the magazine saw a sign for a “69th Street Diner”. Another building called “Twitchins”, the GTA version of Brooklyn’s Domino’s Sugar Factory, is in the game.
  • Niko will be able to climb and descend exterior fire escapes and some meetings will take place high in the office buildings of skyscrapers. It’s said that from on top of them you’ll be able to throw people off.
  • Hand to hand combat is also being reworked on for GTA IV, and will feel “much more natural” than before.
  • One of the radio stations includes an “Eastern European-sounding” dancing station.
  • Players will be able to change their camera views whilst in a car according to their needs. This however is said to still being experimented on, and that Rockstar want to give better control and “immediacy” to players.
  • For confirmation, boats will be making a return and the handling is “really nice”.
  • When selecting your mobile phone, a zoomed-in version of the mobile screen pops up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, where you can use its address book to pitch for “jobs” with gang contacts among other things.
  • One of the things that makes it easier for Rockstar setting GTA in a fictional New York is that they sometimes get a call from the developers at Rockstar North in Scotland, wanting to know more about a specific building or traffic flow in a certain area, for instance, and using their in-house researchers in NYC they can easily assist the guys back at R* North.
  • Dan Houser is quoted saying that the Liberty City in GTA IV is bigger than any single city they’ve done before, giving a more clear indication of the physical size of the game. He continues saying that the “detail” of the game is the big thing.
  • He also confirms Central Park to be in the game, though it’s fictional name is still unknown to us.
  • Dan says that they’re “certainly evolving the way the radio works”. He says the same for police behavior and their reaction to crimes. Nothing further is said about this…
  • “Fun ridiculous” weapons is said to be in the game, because R* is not going too “naturalistic”.

*Official PlayStation Magazine.*

  • The main character, Niko Bellic, is in his mid-thirties “on the run from a dark past”. He’s not customizable as it was possible in GTA: San Andreas, but you’ll be able to style him with different outfits. The reason for this is that after they got Niko’s physics and look “dead right”, it was difficult implementing features that will allow the customization of his body.
  • The borough, Staten Island, was not added to the game because the team decided that it would not be a fun location to play in.
  • Missions are more realistic, longer, varied, and will have multiple possible outcomes.
  • R* is still deciding whether bridges will be used to cordon off certain areas. Dan states that it’s not a block for block recreation.
  • This time round they’re trying to make Liberty City feel more fluid, and there not being any “dead spots” or “irrelevant space” as you drive through it.
  • There’s no more loading screens when crossing islands or entering interiors; certain interiors are see-thru and you can move through them seamlessly.
  • The mob will be featured in GTA IV, just not as lead characters.
  • “Virtually none” of the characters from the previous games are returning, and a lot of them are dead anyway according to Dan.
  • More side-activities are promised, and pedestrians and traffic flow is different depending on the time of day.
  • Pedestrians are a lot more intelligent, realistic and diverse, using mobile phones, cash machines, eating snacks, reading news papers and interacting with each other through laughter, threatening remarks etc.
  • Your mobile phone can be used to set up deals or arranging ambushes – you can call the shots. More on this promised later.
  • Driving and shooting is more organic, fluid, and precise.
  • Despite earlier rumors, the game isn’t trying to be photorealistic, but things such as artificial intelligence and the behaviors of pedestrians reacting to things such as a weapon being pulled out in front of them has been worked on a lot.
  • As stated before, there isn’t any planes, but players will be able to pilot helicopters. The reason being that there is not enough room for flying, and crossing the map will be too fast this way. One airport is confirmed to be in the game.
  • The goal of GTA IV is to make the city look more populated than anything else people have seen before in a game like this.
  • Houser states that no-one has attempted to recreate a location of this size, and with so much detail, ever before.
  • The use of Sony’s SIXAXIS controller for the PlayStation 3 has not yet been decided on.
  • As expected, there’s no more pop-ups of buildings and trees as we’ve seen in the past.
  • Work on the game started right after the release of GTA: San Andreas in November 2004.

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One Response to “GTA IV: Facts.”

  1. aaron

    gta4 needs to have more realistic gun sounds. some guns in san andreas sounded awful. such as the as and m4. the gun sounds are one of the best qualities of the game. recording sounds and putting them in the game to make it sound more realistic….i dont know.

    another thing. in every gta its always been dull when it comes to cops. like when you have wanted stars, theirs no way to actually lose the cops unless you go to paynspray or find a star. it needs to be more like you can actually get away from them and lose them….not ” look a cop just popped up from a dead end and killed me.” (the wanted stars are a bummer. but your wanted level can still raise higher and higher. such as the army coming for you. it gets pretty intense. i like a challenge.)

    Keep furrrnando murrteenez in the game =P i get a kick from this guy.

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